To find the best solutions, we have collaborated with the best professionals in the city.


Poliform S.R.L. - arh. Georgeta Trâmbițaș

Urban Development

Elatis S.R.L. - ing. Ildico Strâmbei
Delta Plan S.R.L. - ing. Constantin Florescu

Road design

Longersin S.R.L. - ing. Attilla Penzes.
Pathsrout S.R.L. - ing. Vasile Percev

Electric Installations

Electric Eye S.R.L. - ing. Adrian Valea

Gas Installations

Simstar S.R.L. - ing. Călin Simion

Project Management

SUBCONTROL S.R.L. - ing. Alina Neagoie


Consart S.R.L. - ing. Aurel Buftea