• Characteristics
  • Services and facilities
  • Utilities
  • Positioning
  • Maps
  • Timisoara Airport Industrial Park

    It is developed in order to develop a service area necessary for air travel, being in direct connection with the runway of the International Airport – Traian Vuia. The Industrial park will have supervised access, the parcels being an integrated part inside the airport.
    Following subdivision, 4 lots have resulted, on which different functions destined for air transport services may be installed on: hangar, maintenance workshop, warehouses, catering services, plane platforms, parking areas
    This zone will be surrounded and may be open towards the inside of the airport, as exterior access will be controlled.



    Surface: 29.850 mp
    Lots:4 lots with the following surfaces 7.410 mp, 5340 mp, 7100 mp, respectively 10.000 mp.
    Operational state: 100%
    Degree of occupation: available

    Services and facilities

  • Selling and leasing of industrial plots, equipped with all utilities
  • Selling or leasing turnkey industrial projects for buildings and warehouses on the parcels that our industrial park owns.
  • Assistance in obtaining building permits and licenses
  • Access from the road DJ 609D
    Timișoara - Airoport
  • Concrete and paved roads
  • Side-walks
  • Alignment green plots
  • Technical and urban endowments (water sewerage, household sewerage and rain gutter)
  • Electrical powe
  • Gas
  • Security
  • Easy access to CATV systems, Internet, fixed telephony
  • Parking
  • Utilities

    Natural gas
    • The possibility of connection to the existing network
    • is provided through the connection to the average tension electric network (LEA 20 kv) of Enel Distributie Banat, existing in the area.
    • a 20/0,4 kV-800 kVA tyre substation is provided.
    Drinking water
      In order to ensure drinking water necessary, the following will be performed:
    • 1 deep drilling positioned in the area destined for utilities
    • 1 pumping station
    • 1 water reservoir
    • Distribution network on all streets
    Water for fire hazards
    • In order to ensure the necessary water and remake debit for the fire hazard reserve, an exterior fire hazard debit of Qie = 15 l/s will be provided, through the street distribution system and water administration
    • Fire hydrants and provisioned at a distance of max 150 m and placed on the water network in green area are provided
    • Pumping station
    Sewer system
    • A temporary collecting solution of waste water in a scoopable basin is provisioned, these being dumped into a centralized system in a following stage
    Storm sewage
    • Sewer system which will collect storm water both from roads and off buildings.
    • Retention basin with H=2,3 m and a V=1270 m3
    Road access
    • is realised from DJ 609 D, which is the road access to Timisoara Airport from DN6
    • road prospect with a total width of 12 m
    Street road network
    • road train of 12 m including roadway 7m, enclosed in green areas (6,5 m) and designed(2m) pavements
    • collecting road with a length of 256,09 ml
    • access towards parking and lots is provided
    • these are provisioned with PVC tubes for optic fibre cable areas

    Position towards means of communication

    International Airport Traian Vuia

    0.1 km

    A1 Highway

    3 km

    Main Railroad

    1.5 km


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